Anonymous said: Hope this doesn't come off as weird but, where did you get your panties?They're so cute!~

I got them at Jeans Warehouse in Hawaii (◡‿◡✿)

  • It was mistake to leave me a home with a full bottle of whipped cream.
Anonymous said: I've been meaning to ask for a while but forgot >u<' What kind of Dom is your Sir and what kind of Sub are you?

Well, my Sir is like Daddy Dom/Sadist? It’s funny because when we first started dating he didn’t like choking me, slapping my ass, calling me names, etc. I really had to convince him that It was ok and that I liked it, but once we got more comfortable with each other it got easier for him to actually dom me how I wanted him to, and he really started to enjoy himself and get more serious about it  

I am a terrible Sub. I’m a brat, but on purpose because I like when he gets mad (✿◠‿◠) It makes him rougher with me. But honestly, when we aren’t like, in that mode, I am the more Dominant one, and he does everything I ask of him~he would kiss the ground I walk on If I told him to.

Anonymous said: Are you talking about Ano Natsu de Matteru?

YES ❤ 

Anonymous said: How do you feel bout boys love? :3

Boys are ehh, although I do have an amazing Sir who I love so so soooo much, but I prefer girls.

Anonymous said: You've got a nice booty and those who unfollowed you are missing out

40 people unfollowed me…but then I gained a whole new 40 followers so I’m just here sipping my tea like 

lovelyfelixfox said: Gender? (Lip smack) or naw?

ehhh…umm, I don’t what that is…so…probably not?