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Hello every lovely! Lidia here, I hope you have a nice time on my blog~You can request nice, mostly clean animus series for me to post, if you'd like, and don't be afraid to ask me questions, or just send me a random message. This is a place of kindness and kawaii-ness so no meanie weens please!

So there is a guy who is in my fitness class that I thought was an ok dude. I gave him my number and I come to find that he is super pervy and obnoxious so now I have him in my phone as Thehunchbackofnotchobae.

Anonymous: I don't mean to sound rude it'd just I have been following you for quite some time and I haven't seen pics of you like that and I was a bit surprised is all

Oh! well…yeah shah sometimes I post pictures like that. Just an FYI for all of you.

Anonymous: where did you guys meet? on a fetish site? or in real life?

We met in real life years ago, been together ever since!

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